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OIL UNDER THE ICE, Offshore Drilling in the Canadian Arctic, Douglas H. Pimlott, Dougald Brown, and Kenneth P. Sarn, 1976.
ISBN 0-919996-01-9. 178 pp. $8.00 paper

FINAL ARGUMENT & RECOMMENDATIONS, Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Inquiry, 1977.
ISBN 0-919996-02-7, 200 pp. $8.00 paper

WATER MANAGEMENT IN THE CANADIAN NORTH, The Administration of Inland Waters North of 60°, William MacLeod, 1977.
ISBN 0-919996-04-3, 145 pp. $10.00 paper

NORTHERN TRANSITIONS, Volume I, Northern Resources and Land Use Policy Study, Everett B. Peterson and Janet B. Wright, eds., 1978.
ISBN 0-919996-05-1, 320 pp. $12.00 paper

THE DEMPSTER HIGHWAY, William MacLeod, 1979.
ISBN 0-919996-09-4, 58 pp. $10.00 paper

WILDERNESS AREA, Legislative Alternatives for the Establishment of a Wilderness Area in the Northern Yukon, Constance Hunt, Rusty Miller, and Donna Tingley, 1979.
ISBN 0-919996-11-6 130 pp. $10.00 paper

PORCUPINE CARIBOU HERD, International Agreements on Wilderness Preservation and Wildlife Management: A Study of the Porcupine Caribou, Nancy Russell Le-Blond, 1979.
ISBN 0-919996-12-4, 126 pp. $10.00 paper

ISBN 0-919996-13-2, 117 pp. $10.00 paper

MARINE TRANSPORTATION AND HIGH ARCTIC DEVELOPMENT: POLICY FRAMEWORK AND PRIORITIES, The proceedings of a March 1979 symposium at Montebello, Quebec, chaired by M.J. Dunbar of McGill University, including papers on science policy, marine-oriented industrial research development, social and environmental planning, the regulatory dilemma, and related international issues.
ISBN 0-919996-10-8, 278 pp. $12.00 paper

RESEARCH REPORT ON ATTITUDES TO NATIONAL ENERGY BOARD REFORM, Jamie Benedickson, 1980. A study of the National Energy Board's decision-making role in applications for northern energy projects.
62 pp. $6.00 paper

THE SCOTTISH AND ALASKAN OFFSHORE OIL AND GAS EXPER1ENCE AND THE CANADIAN BEAUFORT SEA, J.G. Nelson and Sabine Jessen, 1981. An examination of offshore oil and gas development in the Shetland Islands and Alaska's North Slope Borough, along with proposed development in the Canadian Beaufort region.
ISBN 0-919996-22- 1, 156 pp. $10.00 paper

YUKON WATER STUDIES SERIES, An assessment of the prospects for large-scale hydroelectric development in the Yukon. Co-published with the Westwater Research Centre.

RESOURCE-LEASING OPTIONS AND THE SETTLEMENT OF NATIVE LAND CLAIMS, Nigel Bankes, 1983. A survey of resource-leasing arrangements between companies and native groups in the Third World, the United States, and Canada. A number of options available to northern native groups are examined, as are specific cases such as the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement, and Australia's Aboriginal Land Rights Act.
ISBN 0-919996-19-1, 236 pp. $12.00 paper

PLANNING AND MANAGING ENVIRONMENTALLY SIGNIFICANT AREAS IN THE NORTHWEST TERRITORIES: Issues and Alternatives, J.G. Nelson and Sabine Jessen,1984. Issues and alternatives for planning and managing areas important to the preservation of wildlife populations, flora, and other natural attributes. The importance of comprehensive land-use planning is emphasized. Potential systems for management are compared with current Canadian institutions as well as those existing in other countries. Co-published with the Faculty of Environmental Studies, University of Waterloo.
ISBN 0-919996-32-9, 139 pp. $12.00 paper

NATIONAL AND REGIONAL INTERESTS IN THE NORTH: Third National Workshop on People, Resources, and the Environment North of 60°, 1984. CARC's authoritative sourcebook on current resource management issues in Canada's North. Contains more than 30 original background papers, position papers, and opinion papers by northern experts along with reprints and summaries of key documents. Among the topics included are: aboriginal land claims policy; natural resources jurisdiction and political development; regional planning and land-use planning; conservation of environmentally significant areas; mineral development; renewable resources management; inland water resources; and ocean management.
ISBN 0-919996-18-3, 758 pp. $20.00 paper


Timely and informative studies by leading experts on the most important issues facing Canada's North and the circumpolar world.

PORT POLICY FOR THE CANADIAN ARCTIC COAST, Ken Beauchamp, 1985. A review of federal policy for arctic port development and its relationship to other public policies for northern political and economic development. Also examined are the options available for administration under the current federal ports regime and their relevance to port management needs in the Beaufort region.
ISBN 0-919996-34-5, 174 pp. $12.00 paper

POLITICS, DEVELOPMENT AND CONSERVATION IN THE INTERNATIONAL NORTH, Peter Jull, 1986. A view of conservation as the fundamental issue of politics in northem areas. The conflict between conservation and development is examined with reference to the experiences of aboriginal populations in Alaska, northern Norway, and the proposed territory of Nunavut in Canada.
ISBN 0-919996-25-6, 107 pp. $12.00 paper

NATIVE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CORPORATIONS: POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC CHANGE IN CANADA'S NORTH, Michael S. Whittington, 1986, As a fairly recent institutional innovation in Canadian political economy, the native economic development corporation has the potential to drastically alter the way of life of individual natives and the native community. This paper outlines the political and economic contexts within which these corporations operate and elaborates a general framework for strategy assessment.
ISBN 0-919996-27-2, 85 pp. $12.00 paper

HINTERLAND OR HOMELAND: LAND-USE PLANNING IN NORTHERN CANADA, Terry Fenge and William Rees, eds., 1987. A collection of articles by leading experts that reflects the various perspectives brought to bear on landuse plannmg in the North. The ongoing debate between conservation and development is examined in light of the interests of government, aboriginal peoples, northern communities, and industry.
ISBN O-919996-31-0, 161 pp. $20.00 paper

ABORIGINAL SELF-GOVERNMENT AND CONSTITUTIONAL REFORM: SETBACKS, OPPORTUNITIES, AND ARCTIC EXPERIENCES, 1988. Proceedings of a June 1987 conference sponsored by CARC and the Inuit Committee on National Issues. This timely volume provides insight into the charged political atmosphere surrounding the constitutional talks of March 1987 and the ultimate failure of first ministers and aboriginal Ieaders to reach agreement on the entrenchment of native rights, including the right to self-government.
ISBN 0-919996-35-3. 168 pp. $20.00 paper

RUNNING THE NORTH, The Getting and Spending of Public Finances by Canada's Territorial Governments, Rebecca Aird, ed., 1988. The fiscal dynamics and expenditure policies of Canada's territorial governments are the focus of this collection of essays by a varied group of northern affairs analysts. Among the topics examined in terms of their impact on the public purse are constitutional development, devolution and division, formula financing, oil and gas dependency, community services, and aboriginal rep resentation within the territorial public service. Also included iS 8 compilation of statistical information for the Yukon and regions of the Northwest Territories.
ISBN 0-919996-39-6, 468 pp. $40.00 paper spiral bound

THE NORTH AND CANADA'S INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS, The Report of a working Group of the National Capital Branch of the Canadian Institute of International Affairs, 1988. Released in March 1988, this study of the potential for a "northern dimension" to Canada's foreign policy contributes a wealth of expert opinion to what has emerged as an important debate on Canada's place in the circumpolar world.
ISBN 0-919996-37-X, 88 pp. $20.00 paper

CHANGING TIMES, CHALLENGING AGENDAS: ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL CHANGE IN CANADA'S NORTH, 1988, Volume I of CARC's National Symposium on the North. Based on the proceedings of conferences held across Canada, involving both northern and southern Canadians, this important record examined the federal government's policy on native land claims, the role of northern communities in the management of resources, economic development in northem communities, Canada's interests in the intemational Arctic, and the strategies of native development corporations.
ISBN 0-919996-38-8, 189 pp. $20.00 paper

A QUESTION OF RlGHTS: NORTHERN WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT AND THE ANTI-HARVEST MOVEMENT, Robert F. Keith and Alan Saunders, eds., 1988. Complete proceedings of CARC's 1987 conference on one of the most controversial issues affecting Canada's northern communities: the right of native peoples to hunt and trap wildlife for both subsistence use and commercial trade. Featuring leading international spokespersons on both sides of the debate, this unique volume examines environmental ethics; animal protection and animal use; conservation, subsistence and commercialization; public perceptions; and the future of aboriginal hunting societies.
ISBN 0-919996-33-7, 272 pp. $20.00 paper

THE BEVERLY-KAMINURIAK CARIBOU MANAGEMENT BOARD, A Case Study of Aboriginal Participation in Resource Management, Peter Cizek, 1990. This paper discusses the operations, characteristics, and experiences of the Beverly-Kaminuriak Caribou Management Board and the integration of indigenous and state management systems.
ISBN 0-919996-47-7, 31 pp. $15.00 Background Paper #1

COMMUNITY ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT IN CANADA'S NORTH, 1990. This book contains a collection of papers which offer the reader a guide to the theory behind community economic development and which presents practical methods and examples which communities can use to take charge of their futures.
ISBN 0-919996-42-6, 167 pp. $25.00

THE ARCTlC ENVlRONMENT AND CANADA'S INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS, The Report of a Working Group of the National Capital Branch of the Canadian Institute of International Affairs, 1991, In this companion volume to The North and Canada's International Relations, the members of the working group have attempted to analyze the environmental concerns facing the North today and present future policy alternatives that can be considered on an international level.
ISBN 0-919996-46-9, 83 pp. $20.00 paper

CANADIAN-US. RELATIONS IN THE ARCTIC BORDERLANDS, Nigel Bankes and Lindsay Staples, 1991. A background paper prepared for the Pearson-Dickey Conference held in Whitehorse, Yukon in May 1990. The paper focuses on a number of bilateral issues which are of concern to Canada and the United States in the Beaufort region, including environmental and developmental problems. It further discusses some of the legal principles and international instruments applicable to the above issues, and then evaluates the extent which they adequately address the current problems and issues. An excellent reference work for all those interested in the Beaufort region and the North slope of Alaska and Yukon.
ISBN 0-919996-48-5, 36 pp. $15.00 paper

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