Nunavut Water Board - Kiggavik Annual Report

The Kiggavik annual report was released today by the Water Board, it indicates that there are large numbers of caribou, muskox and sandhill cranes in the vicinity. They have also seemingly been doing work during the period outlined in the INAC caribou protection measures which are in place from May 15 to July 15. The wildlife reporting indicates sightings in June and early July of various wildlife, including Caribou. On page 29 they report various disturbances which I have included below.

Top Twenty Policy Steps for Dealing with Dwindling Caribou

Top Twenty Policy Steps for Dealing with Dwindling Caribou

The disappearing caribou in the Northwest Territories (NWT) have people anxious – very anxious. Some herds have declined by thousands, some by hundreds of thousands over the past twenty years. Everywhere in the central Arctic, the trend seems to be the same – fewer caribou. This is not just a matter of concern for people living in that region, especially indigenous people. It is a matter of real hardship, economic, cultural, social and spiritual. The lives of the indigenous peoples of the region have been bound up with caribou for thousands of years. Some believe that in every human heart is a little of the caribou heart, and in every caribou, a little of the human heart.

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