AMONG ISI (Alaska)
the Inuit Circumpolar Conference
the Home Rule Government of Greenland
the Aboriginal Peoples of Canada


WHEREAS in August 1984 in the City of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada, in the homeland of the Dene, there were gathered representatives of Indigenous peoples of the Northern Hemisphere;

AND WHEREAS out of that gathering was born Indigenous Survival International, an alliance of Indigenous peoples from Alaska, Canada, and Greenland;

AND WHEREAS our alliance is dedicated to our cultural survival which is intimately linked to our continued ability to live in close harmony with the environment including land and water and to harvest the natural and renewable resources thereof;

AND WHEREAS the first annual conference of Indigenous Survival International was held at Chisasibi, in the Cree Territory of Canada, in January 1 986;

NOW THEREFORE WE, the Indigenous peoples, members of Indigenous Survival International, by this Protocol rededicate ourselves to our alliance;

 AND PLEDGE to strengthen our collective efforts to protect and ensure our cultural survival;

 BY CONTINUING TO pursue the protection of subsistence economies as essential to the cultural survival of Indigenous peoples;

AND TO THAT END we are determined to support the World Wildlife Fund, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, and the United Nations Environment Program in addressing the balanced relationship between man's cultural survival and environmental concerns;

AND TO SEEK international recognition of the subsistence economies of Indigenous peoples as a natural and integral part of the global conservation effort.

 THIS AGREEMENT is made this 31st day of January 1986, at Chisasibi, in the Cree Territory of Canada.

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