Members' Corner

by Karen Flynn

CARC's winter campaign, which focused on arctic sovereignty, grossed $24,000 -- just short of our $25,000 target. We thank all our supporters who helped to make this campaign a success!

Our search for new members continues. In May we completed a second trade of names with the Council of Canadians (7,500 names). Over the past few months, we have sent prospect letters to individuals on lists obtained from CARC members and supporters and staff. If you have access to a list of people you think may be interested in CARC's work, please call Carol Ann Samhaber, our Office Manager, or drop us a line.

Just a reminder: we occasionally make our membership list available to carefully screened organizations whose work we think may be of interest to you. Please let us know if you do not wish to receive such mailings.

A CARC bequest brochure will be available in August. Those members who have already enquired about the matter will receive the brochure as soon as it is printed. If anyone else is interested, please let Carol Ann know.

Making a Bequest to CARC

CARC has established an Arctic Futures Fund. All bequests are put into this fund and invested. As a result of recent bequests, this fund currently stands at just over $30,000. Over time, the Arctic Futures Fund will become our war chest to help us deal with pressing environmental and other issues, including court action. Please consider making a bequest to CARC in your will. If you would like additional details on the Arctic Futures Fund and how to make gifts to CARC,: please contact Carol Ann Samhaber at the CARC office (telephone 613-241-7379).

     The Committee

     Chair:  Nigel Bankes               Hon. Hugh Faulkner
     Past Chair:  Ron Doering           J. Edward Johnson
     Vice-Chair:  Lindsay Staples       Robbie Keith
     Treasurer:  Tom Yarmon             Meeka Kilabuk
     Executive Director:  Terry Fenge   John Merritt
     Francois Bregha                    Eric Molson
     Mary Crnkovich                     Bill Nicholls
     Hon. David Crombie                 William Rees
     Keith Crowe                        Judy Rowell
     Marina Devine                      Andrew Thompson

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