Principles and Goals of The Whitehorse Mining Initiative

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Maximizing              Our Principle
Community Benefits
From Mining             The economic benefits for workers
                        and communities from mining
                        exploration, development, and
                        operations are maximized when
                        these activities are planned carefully,
                        taking into account both direct and
                        indirect impacts.

                        Our Goals

                        To produce the maximum practicable socio-economic
                        benefits of mining for communities.

                        To minimize the consequences of mine
                        closure on workers and communities by
                        fully integrating plans for the life
                        cycle of mining operations into the
                        economic development plans of
                        mining-dependent communities.

                        To reduce any negative social, economic,
                        and labour relations consequences of
                        long-distance commuting to mining
                        operations, and to address fly-over
                        effects of long-distance commuting.

Aboriginal Lands        Our Principle
and Resources
                        Aboriginal peoples have rights
                        protected under the Constitution Act,
                        1982, which include, among others,
                        rights to lands and resources.

                        Our Goals

                        With a view to providing a more certain
                        climate for mineral exploration and
                        development, so ensure that:

                        - Aboriginal land claims are settled
                          expeditiously, efficiently, and fairly;

                        - the structure for negotiations is well
                          defined and clearly understood;

                        - the negotiation process is supported
                          by adequate resources; and,

                        - third-party rights relating to land
                          and resources are recognized and
                          referenced in land-claim agreements.

                        To develop and maintain enhanced
                        communications between the mining
                        industry and other stakeholders and
                        Aboriginal groups concerning the status
                        of negotiations and, in the
                        post-settlement period, an explanation
                        of the rights and obligations
                        established under any land claim and
                        related agreements.

                        To have timely, consistent, dependable,
                        and simple rules and processes for
                        resource development in
                        claims-settlement areas and in
                        post-settlement mechanisms where such
                        development is desired by an Aboriginal

                        To establish in claim settlements simple
                        and effective regulatory regimes
                        governing land use and environmental

                        To develop interim business agreements
                        and/or participation agreements between
                        the mining industry and affected
                        Aboriginal communities.

Aboriginal              Our Principle
Involvement in the
Mining Industry         Aboriginal peoples are entitled to
                        opportunities to participate fully in
                        mineral development at all stages of
                        mining and associated industries and
                        at all employment levels.

                        Our Goals

                        To remove the barriers -- real and
                        artificial -- to education, work place, and
                        business opportunities that often
                        prevent Aboriginal peoples from
                        maximizing benefits from the mining

                        To allow increased participation of
                        Aboriginal peoples in all parts of the
                        mining industry, including direct
                        employment and related economic or
                        business opportunities.

                        To allow the mining industry, Aboriginal
                        peoples, and other interested
                        stakeholders to develop formalized
                        partner relatonships in which there is a
                        better awareness of respective issues,
                        needs, and concerns, and a higher level
                        of mutual understanding.

                        To support policies, legislation, and
                        agreements that encourage growth in
                        business relationships between the
                        mining industry and Aboriginal

                        To ensure regular and open consultations
                        between exploration companies and mine
                        developers, and Aboriginal communities,
                        and to ensure that the Aboriginal
                        communities are involved in
                        decision-making processes that concern
                        exploration, infrastructure development,
                        mine development, and reclamation.

                        To remove any impediments in the Indian
                        Act and the Indian Mining Regulations,
                        in provincial and territorial
                        legislation, in federal provincial
                        agreements, or under development
                        policies, to full participation of
                        Aboriginal peoples in economic
                        opportunities in mining and related

Open                    Our Principle
Processes               Decisions are improved when
                        reached through open, transparent,
                        timely, and well-defined processes
                        with meaningful and responsible
                        participation by stakeholders.

                        Our Goals

                        To expand the opportunity for meaningful
                        and responsible participation by
                        governments, the mining industry,
                        employees and their representatives,
                        Aboriginal peoples, the environmental
                        community, and local communities in
                        decision-making processes that affect
                        the public interest.

                        To ensure that stakeholders have access
                        to necessary information and, within
                        clearly established cnteria; resources
                        that enable them to participate.

                        To enhance public trust in
                        decision-making processes by ensunng
                        that stakeholder viewpoints are fairly
                        heard and considered.

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